Marriage Seminar


Unique Marriage Seminar – one of its kind!

• To enrich marriages
• To be able to take corrective measures without condemnation.
• To be able to constructively work towards a healthy marriage.

Overview of the program:
This program is designed in order to voice out what every other couple experiences, but is afraid to speak of-trouble in their marriage. The problems are addressed in categories ,and solutions to the same are also offered. There are four slots under which these issues are discussed, namely, commitment, companionship, communication, and conflicts. The various sessions are designed to display the above four issues through the form of Be-attitudes. This is done in an atmosphere where there is no mudslinging or blame shifting, but each one identifying to the relevant issue. There are activities, stories, anecdotes and a generous dose of humour to elucidate all of the issues.

Key sessions:
• Roles of Husbands & wives
• How to make your marriage exciting
• How to Resolve conflicts
• How to Improve communication
• How to have fulfilled sexual life
• What are the Beatitudes in Married life
• How to make your marriage last

End Result:
The attendees would have a refreshing understanding of their own marriage from God’s perspective and in addition will learn practical ways to enhance their live of togetherness through the practical, real life stories.

Case studies
Question & answers
Video Watch
Break-out team discussions
Self-evaluation monitors.
This is a unique opportunity for parents, to learn the principles from the Bible, about raising children. It
deal with subjects like:

m4The children below 12 years of age, who are brought by the parents to this seminar, will be separately cared for to enable the parents to attend the lectures.




On September 22,2014 from 6 to 8:30 pm at Kolkata  by Stanley Mehta & Esme Mehta





Stanley & Esme Mehta are based in Mumbai at Colaba and Stanley is the senior pastor of the Bombay Baptist Church and the overseer of the Gateway Ministries International which has about 120 house churches. Stanley was trained as an Electrical Engineer, and worked for 5 years in the industry, when God called him to the ministry. He has been serving the church for the last 33 years. Stanley has conducted similar seminars several times in their own church, as well as in the CNI, Methodist, Pentecostals, Baptists, Charismatics, Alliance churches, in Schools, Housing colonies, among Defense personal, on board the ship Doulos, etc. Esme is the Principal of the New Alpha Academy Primary school. They have 2 daughters who are married and son  & they have 2 grand-kids.