Antioch Training Centre

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The Antioch Training Centre (ATC) is a nine-month, intensive Bible college course that is committed to the holistic growth and development of men and women by discipleship. Its aim is to make them faithful stewards of God’s Kingdom, equipped not only to serve in the context of the church but also of mission and service to society.



1. To build and strengthen Christian character and commitment by emphasizing personal and community spiritual disciplines, essential to the educational process.

2. To provide a Christ-centered, Biblical-oriented systematic course, designed to enrich the student’s faith and speak with integrity to our pluralistic society.

3. To impart social attitudes and skills that will enable students to understand relate effectively to a multifaceted community.

4. To motivate and train students to advance the growth and mission of the church, by providing regular and meaningful ministerial opportunities geared towards church planting.

5. To provide and facilitate exposure trips, to various mission fields, so as to equip them to a more holistic approach to missions.

6. To make them aware of social need and equip them to pioneer ministries among the poor and needy.


For a brochure, write to Virjil &  Sandra, giving your full details and details of your current church membership to:

  Virjil & Sandra
Dean, Antioch Training Centre
175 S B Singh Road
Opp Colaba P O
Mumbai 400 005

Contact : 22150654


**There will be no ATC for the year 2014-15, but you could reserve your seat for the year 2015-16  If interested, please apply for the ATC 2015-16.**



  • Biblical Survey
  • Books of Law
  • Church Planting
  • Books of History
  • Homiletic
  • Discipleship
  • Leadership
  • Poetical Books
  • Prophetic Books
  • Sunday School
  • Sanctification
  • Christology
  • Soteriology
  • Worship
  • Church History
  • Inner Healing
  • Gospels
  • Epistles
  • Pnuematology
  • Christian Home
  • Eschatology
  • Prayer
  • Apologetic