Parenting Seminar

To give birth to children, by far, is the easier part of the job, as against raising them up to become responsible citizens. This program design is such that we start from the basics, study some of the enemies of our children, analyze our methods of parenting, deliberate over various methods of discipline, deal with handling teenagers, and finally, look at how to pass on the baton to the next generation. Much of the learning will be supported by the facilitator’s personal experience of parenting their children, failures and victories. The program is an attempt to bring back the value of family life.


Unique Parenting Seminar! 

– To hone parenting skills
– To shift focus on Wise vs. Convenience parenting.
– To raise up a purpose-driven, next generation

End Result:
The participants would, begin to identify the various threats and attacks on their children, especially ones that they would never have thought of. In addition, they will experience a kindred spirit with others and realize that they are not the only people who face problems raising children. This program will initiate a new pattern of parenting in the lives of the participants. The end result of which will be, when their children turn out to be good.


Please note: The children below 12 years of age, who are brought by the parents to this seminar, will be separately cared for to enable the parents to attend the lectures.


Key Sessions

• ABC in Parenting
• Wrong Influences on our children

• Protection – King Solomon’s nuggets
• Types of Parents
• Correct way of discipline
• Fruitless way of discipline
• Fears of the mother
• Direction to raise a strong-willed child
• Truths and myths about parenting
• Joy of Parenting
• Passing on the Baton
• Dealing with Teenagers

Learn More

* Case studies
* Question & Answers
* Lectures
* Video watch
* Break-out team discussion
* Self evaluation monitors


Stanley & Esme Mehta

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Stanley & Esme Mehta are based in Mumbai at Colaba and Stanley is the senior pastor of the Bombay Baptist Church and the overseer of the Gateway Ministries International which has about 78 house churches. Stanley was trained as an Electrical Engineer, and worked for 5 years in the industry, when God called him to the ministry. He has been serving the church for the last 29 years. Stanley has conducted similar seminars several times in their own church, as well as in the CNI, Methodist, Pentecostals, Baptists, Charismatics, Alliance churches, in Schools, Housing colonies, among Defense personal, on board the ship Doulos, etc. Esme is the Principal of the New Alpha Academy Primary school. They have 2 daughters who are married and son who is 19. In June 2010 they became grandparents.

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