384945Do you have questions like…

  • Is there a God?
  • Who is God?
  • How do I know Him?
  • How to obtain freedom from fear of death?
  • How do I overcome temptation?
  • How do I belong?
  • Is there a purpose in life…and many such questions

Then this course is for you. A time to learn and a time to ask questions.


Three hours once a week, for 8 weeks that includes a weekend together.

What happens at the course?FC1

MEAL: It starts with a meal in an informal setting
TEACHING: There are 16 subjects that are taught by a trainer during this period
DISCUSSION: The participants are divided into smaller groups for discussion, where their individual questions are answered. This is done over a cup of tea.
WEEKEND: The group will also spend a weekend together (from Friday evening to Sunday evening). Here they will be further equipped through workshops and interaction.


Unique Features

  • It comes with no strings attached. You need not do anything against your convictions
  • It is an informal setting
  • It requires no particular prerequisite to qualify
  • It is a short course and lasts only 8 weeks


FC2Benefits of this course

  • Be sure and secure
  • Be equipped to face life
  • Be filled with hope for the future
  • Be free from guilt & accusations
  • Experience peace of mind
  • Experience freedom from within
  • Experience freedom from addiction
  • Develop new friends
  • And many more benefits

Who can sign up?FC3

  • Anyone who is searching for answer to life’s questions.
  • Anyone who is tired of living an ‘up & down’ life.
  • Anyone who has tried other things and was disappointed
  • Anyone who is curious

Contact your nearest GMI church, to find out when the next course begins.