By Stanley Mehta

Welcome to the launch of the new e-magazine, “Momentum – Looking Beyond” from the GMI family of churches & ministries.

For a long time, it was in my heart to start a magazine for GMI members. My main goal was that everyone, right from the pastor to the person at the grass root level, had the opportunity to receive the same degree of understanding of the core values, beliefs and practices of GMI. The goal was to ensure that we grow up as one family, having the same genes and that there is no disconnect. Now this dream seems possible through this emagazine. We have been blessed with people of high calibre who can share their insights with the rest of us. This magazine will be home produced and
therefore, relevant to our Asian mind set. The first issue is dedicated to the theme of “Discipleship” and I trust you will enjoy reading all the articles.

We have created a National Service Team to serve us as facilitators. We still have many challenges ahead. The biggest one is getting this magazine translated into other languages for the benefit of all our churches. Not everyone is connected to the internet so we may have to print hard copies of the same. So the second challenge is getting it printed. The third one is the need for resources to do all this.

So do pray that this dream become a reality.