By Mohan Varghese

Times are changing. We live in an era faced with many new challenges. World views, beliefs, relationships, established practices are all changing or eroding and the very foundations of society are also being threatened. Things that were
once thought sacred or considered taboo a few decades back are now forgotten in the new morality of postmodernism which has no absolutes for right and wrong.

Has this shift in values and priorities made us better humans? Definitely not.

Today we see the harsh, yet sobering reality of broken lives, breakdown of family values and the tragic consequences of “doing your own thing”.
If the foundations are crumbling what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3) Anything of lasting value needs a good foundation to both survive and thrive amidst the pressures of our post-modern era.
It is with this in view that Stanley Mehta has decided to set a right benchmark in this inaugural issue of what really defines GMI. The core value is discipleship.

This issue will give you an insight into how this value has helped to develop a generation of men and women who can be counted upon to build on strong Biblical foundations.
Starting with the Mandate on Discipleship and illustrative articles, real life stories and the FAQs that follow, this issue will showcase the importance that discipleship plays in moulding lives to serve the Kingdom of God.
We also have a report on what is happening in Sahara and an informative write up on why every young person should make ATC a part of their future plans.

Happy reading and please let us have your valuable feedback so we can make Momentum a magazine that serves the needs of the GMI family of churches.