However, new kind of cult groups have emerged with erroneous doctrines. these are, what we call, post-modernist groups. They are very subtle and one would need a sharp sense of discernment to detect their deviation. And in my opinion there are very few people with such discernment within our sphere. So I am naturally concerned for the future of our movement.  I sense a need for a new generation of leaders to emerge who will be able to sense the impending danger and keep our flocks safe. For this to happen, we will need new leaders who are well trained in theology.Secondly, many of our existing leaders may not be able to engage in debates on subjects which demand a clear understanding of the scripture, like understanding a Calvinistic view versus an Arminian one different views of the Millennium; whether one will eternally burn in hell or whether one in annihilated in hell (i.e. burnt and destroyed within a few minutes); generational curses; whether one should confess the sins of the forefathers or not; etc. in the light of the above, there is a need for new breed of theologically-trained leaders.

May I suggest that we consider one of the following. Some could consider going to a theologically-sound Bible seminary which still teaches the orthodox , conservative doctrines with passion. Or one could register with a on-line Bible college (like our own Kings-on-line Bible school), and systematically study the courses offered.  Or one could devote a good part of their time training themselves by systematic reading and studying of the scriptures with the help of study tools like Bible dictionaries, Bible commentaries and concordances.

In about 10 to 15 years from now, the spiritual condition of our decentralized churches will be determined by the decision taken today about raising theologically-trained leaders.